Monday, 1 June 2009

Anus Licking Lezzie Fun

This is a story told by a friend of my wife and I last week over a bottle of Bacardi, and which my wife later kindly shared with me; Justine has been a friend my wife Julie and I for some years now and since her recent divorce from her marriage of 7 years she has certainly been quite outgoing. Like I said they have been friends for some years and are quite open with each othe, able to discuss anything with each other. This particular evening as the alcohol had been flowing for some time the conversation invariably progressed to sex, and in particular the sexual prowess of past and present lovers.Justine confessed to her that she'd recently had a lesbian experience with another mutual friend and that it had been one of the most erotic experiences she had ever had.

She had said to Julie "Don't be shocked but we" "I'm a bit embarrased" Justine hesitated."Come on spit it out" urged Julie "there's not a lot that will shock shock me"."We uhmm, licked each other down below, you know what I mean" whispered Justine"."You mean you licked each other's pussies""Yes, but a bit more, you know, further round""Noooo" exclaimed Julie "you mean you licked each other's bumholes?"Justine, blushing scarlet, answered that they had."are you shocked?" asked Justine."A little, but was it nice?" answered Julie."Oh my God!!! was it!!!" she replied, Justine began to tell Julie how it had all happened..............Justine and her friend Emma, both 30 years old, having been best friends since school had been whiling away a Thursday evening over a bottle of wine; as is usual in our circle of friends, the subject of sex was soon at the table.

Emma began telling Justine about her current boyfriends' fetish involving orally stimulating her asshole, and she began telling Justine about how very erotic she found it, and how she always reached orgasm without even a need to touch her pussy. As Emma began giving an in depth description about how it felt, the ticklish feeling, how dirty she always felt letting him do it, Justine started to suddenly start feeling a little sexually aroused, and to her dismay started looking at her friend in a different light. All of a sudden she started to wander what it would feel like having Emma lick her ass, and worse still, she was imagining herself doing the same to her.How could she make it happen. Too late Emma' eyes suddenly met hers, and realising how Justine had been looking at her suddenly pounced on Emma grinding her mouth into hers, toungue piercing between her open welcoming lips.

After a couple of minutes of lustful tongue sucking Justine shouted out in desperation "please let me eat your bumhole, I want to lick it so badly".Emma did no have to be asked twice, and in a moment she had torn off her dress, as Justine did the same, both displaying their totally naked well toned sexy bodies to each other. They kissed again passionatley all the time caressing each others bottoms and breasts, and Emma started to maneauvre herself into a position on the couch were Justine could easily access that forbidden dirty place.Justice eagerly eyed what she had been lusting over for the last few minutes and could feel herself becoming more and more aroused. As she did so a number of thoughts went though her mind, "would Emma enjoy it?", "would she enjoy it?", "and of course, "would it be smelly and make her feel sick?". She did not care though, her lust was that intense, and she moved forward grasping Emma's buttocks, carressing them and moving them apart so that she could better see what she wanted and lusted over.

Tensing her muscles and pushing, Emma caused her well practiced anus to take on the appearance of a small mini donut which Justine eyed lustilly before taking the swolen opening into her hungry mouth and, in circular motions caressed the outer edge of the dirty hole, every now and then moving her tongue to the opening in the middle and eased it inside about 3 inches making it flicker up and down and causing Emma to squeel with pure delight. Periodically she concentrated on the area around the anus thinly covered with blonde hairs and Emmas' clit which was now fully engorged and very swollen, causing her to expolde in orgasm followed by orgasm."Stop, Stop, I can't take anymore" proclaimed Emma, "my turn to pleasure you in the same way", "but please realise I have only ever recieved, never given" she said, concerned that she would not be able to give her lover the same pleasure.

Justine got onto her elbows and knees and pushed her bottom in the air for her friend, and Emma with some trepidation kneeled between Justine's feet. Planting small kisses first on Justines buttocks, and feeling pleasure, she swung her raven hair from side to side whilst letting out a moan. "I hope I'm clean for you down there" Justine said. "I don't care if you are'nt, I would lick you if you had'nt showered. In an instant Justine felt a tongue come in contact with Emma's bumhole and her entire body quivered with pleasure. She could smell the musky feminine aroma permeating from between her friend's legs and asshole; it made her head swim with uncontrollable desire. Emma found herself hungrily sucking and licking at Justines naughty bits first her anus then her vagina and clit and then back to her puckered little dirt hole. Within a matter of minutes Justine had collapsed in the throes of a massive orgasm and they both grabbed hold of each other and kissed passionately for the remainder of the evening, making love again and again all night long.As Justine fell asleep she was shocked at her own behaviour, disgusted with herself yet excited that she had licked another woman's bumhole and enjoyed it so very much...............................................

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